How NaijaSpider can help your Food and Agriculture business in Nigeria

The Food and Agricultural sector is one very vital sector in any country. In Nigeria, particularly, with the decline of the oil and gas industry and the continued growth in the population, we cannot afford to neglect the Food and Agricultural sector anymore. We at Naijaspider have designed our platform to help all businesses in the Food and Agriculture value chain, to increase both their reach and sales. Here are a few pointers on how best to take advantage of our platform and grow your Food business.

For farms that grow and sell fresh produce:

You can reach the major dealers and merchants in the big cities directly from our platform. Farms in the rural areas are encouraged to showcase their products on, to reach key markets nationwide. You can engage directly with your customers, build trust and start selling large volumes at

For farms that have little or zero storage facilities:

Registering and getting verified on will enable such farms to pre sell their farm produce and deliver directly from the harvest. That way they can make savings on storage time and avoid spoilage of their farm produce

Freshly prepared food dealers:

A new trend in the major Nigerian cities is the preparation and delivery of freshly prepared food to customers. The delivery is usually done using dispatch riders. The key customers are the working class and busy professionals who do not have time to prepare their own meals.

Naijaspider can give maximum exposure to such businesses, enabling them to originate new customers in key sections of big cities. We can help you grow that food delivery business, sign up today.

Drinks and other beverages:

Are you a seller of exotic hard to find drinks and alcoholic beverages? If so, you need to sign up at Our platform is enabled with advanced search capabilities to empower buyers search and find the best deals for drinks and related products. Make sure you are tapping in to the expanded customer base to grow your sales. Sign up today.


Take advantage of our unique platform to showcase your processed food products and grow your market share. Interact with suppliers, end users and major distributors on

Livestock and Poultry:

This is another major segment we give prominence to on our platform. Explore the offerings for this segmant on Naijaspider

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